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What I did when someone called my life “TUMULTUOUS”

I know you’re doing everything you can to lean fully into the complete experience of life.  You’re going for it in your career, relationships, family, and overall experiences. No matter how hard you try, and even if you have a similarly motivated family – things will never be perfect, not even close.  So, what do…
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Impostor Syndrome

Don’t Tell Anyone: I’m in Over my Head

Impostor Syndrome and how to deal with it If you have ever been terrified that everyone is about to figure out you are not as smart as they thought, in spite of great success, you likely have impostor syndrome. Have you read the poem: Our Deepest Fear, by Marianne Williamson? I included it here, as it is so…
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Interesting woman

Become the Most Interesting Woman in the World

Interesting women don’t take the easy way out I have never met an interesting woman with an easy life.  Think about the most intriguing, the most fascinating people you have ever met.  What about them caught your attention?  Did they overcome challenges? Maybe they seem to have extreme fun and excitement.  What risks did they take to become who…
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How to Become a World-Class Woman

What I want to tell you today is that YOU can DECIDE to be world class.

Can you control your future?

Do you feel like you are not in control? Maybe you believe you do not have time to change some things and you feel like your family, job, school, or other responsibilities are out of your control. Maybe it is a teacher, professor, or a supervisor at work affecting you.  You feel like they do…
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Attitude is Everything!

Attitude is one of my strengths, and I would not be where I am today if I did not show up with energy, with a purpose, and with the desire to be a good member of the teams, which I have been on in my life.  A Harvard Business Review  article listed positive and virtuous practices…
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