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I get a lot of questions about the best way to listen to the Genuine Driven Women podcast.

The Genuine Driven Women Podcast is a FREE resource full of inspiration and very specific, direct steps YOU can take to make your reach your OWN version of success.  You can listen straight from your phone, which means you can listen while you are doing housework, driving to work, working in the garden, or really, any task. Take us with you and listen while you GO!

The Genuine Driven Women Podcast can be found via almost every common Podcast Application (app).  Click any of these links to find and subscribe:

If you have a favorite podcast app that we don’t seem to be on, let me know and I’ll see if I can get this content added. Also, I’d love to get your direct feedback, including ideas you have for future episodes!  Email me at or leave a message at (724) 374-8362.

HELP OTHERS FIND THE Genuine Driven Women Podcast:

If you like what we are doing and if you think we could help someone you know, there are three things we ask you so we can keep producing new content:

  1. Please go to iTunes and leave a quick review.CLICK HERE for the link to leave a review.
  2. Please send this information to anyone who needs this type of information
  3. Share it via all your social media accounts!


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