About Me

Hi, I’m Tami.

I help introveted women rise to senior leadership in large organizations — without networking. 

I am a certified executive career and life coach who has spent 30+ years succeeding in multiple large organizations. A few years ago, I started to really look around me and noticed how many intelligent, motivated, but introverted women (like me) were stuck. This was either because of thier own confidence OR their belief that other senior leaders would never see them as a high potential for senior leadership. It became my passion to be the champion of those quietly powerful superheros who lead behind the scenes and make things happen. People just like you. I know you are frustrated and I know you BELEIVE you are capable of greater things. When you are ready to invest in your future, click the link below to get started.


Your career and your “life” are not seperate from each other. You are a whole person and should care for yourself completely! When you find the perfect career for you, your life will flow in and out of work, family, and freetime. I love my entire life and believe you can too! The below photo is my amazing husband and our two boys… only missing my daughter.  (You’ll see her on all my social media accounts.)


I LOVE country music

I have always said, if Reba McEntyre was a Program Manager, that is who I’d want to be. Smart, HARD working, at the top of my game, and able to laugh when life calls for it. Yes – I often use song titles as headlines. I dreamed of becoming a famous Country Music vocalist in my younger life.


Two Siberian Huskies

I have two huskies, Kavik and Korra. Our last of three dogs passed away at the beginning of the COVID Pandemic, and we decided to get husky puppies. They are over a year old now and are so much fun! I am sure you will see them on my FB and IG from time to time. 


Peloton is my favorite exercise

Do you have a Peloton?  Follow me @Skittle23. Who is your favorite instructor?  What is your favorite ride?


Red, Red Wine

Do you love a nice dry Cab? I love exploring wineries with my true love, if I couldn’t be a country singer, I’d be who I am today. If I can’t be who I am today, I’d be a sommiler. 😉

Do you make over $75,000
and hate your job?

It is possible to design a career that allows for freedom, automomy, and the beautiful flow that comes when you absolutly love what you do. Do you have a career that enables your dream life? You already know that money does not equal happiness. You want something more, you feel it in your soul. I have designed a process that will guide you through discovering and designing the career you REALLY want.  What are you waiting for? Click the orange button and schedule a disovery call today to learn more. This call will inlcude free coaching on your immidiate challenge.  I can’t wait to talk to you!

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Community Feedback…

Here are some amazing ways my community has been served wtih my products…


I truly appreciate Tami and the Podcast episodes this year.  I found her from the “Design your Dream Decade” episode. I had to go back to listen to her previous shows wish this was a daily podcast!

Deanna H.


I’m a fan! I’ve been listening for a couple of weeks catching up on the inspiring uplifting conversations.  This is a terrific mix of tips for possible situations, history of women changing the world and resources. I appreciate what you are doing to make a difference!

Kelly S.


A fantastic page highlighting women, their accomplishments and opportunity!

Alyssa L.

Professionally Certified Career and Life Coach 

Coaching will change your life if you do the work. It is up to you to choose a coach who resonates with you. If you are looking for someone who is certified and who has a lifetime of real world experience succeeding in the workforce and has done so while remaining an authentic leader, I am the coach for you.

Certified by the Life Coach School