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Write a Personal Mission Statement

Grab your worksheet here! Write a personal mission statement aligned to your most important values Design a genuine life and career! Send me the free worksheet! Built with ConvertKit Listen to Yes! You Can Podcast A podcast for high achievers, episode 67

Drive Up the Ladder to Success While Stuck in Traffic: How to Improve Your Commute

Commute Times are on the Rise! You spend far too much time commuting. Take deliberate steps to change your career trajectory while you are stuck in traffic! According to the 2012-2016 American Community Survey 5-year estimates, the average time commuters spend during their morning or evening commute is 26.1minutes and rising.  The definition of a…
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How to Make Workplace Conflict Work for You

Embrace Workplace Conflict Even if you love your job and the people you work with, there will be conflict from time to time. Conflict is not a bad thing, if it is over something work-related, and not directed as a personal attack. Vigorous debate over the best path forward will lead to excellent discussion, many…
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You Can See the Future: The Pre-mortem Technique

You DO have a crystal ball or a time machine and YES, you can see into the future with this magic tool.  This tool is called, the “Pre-mortem technique.”  It was developed by Gary Klein, and you can read about it in his book called, The Power of Intuition.  Ok, so the name may not…
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