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Write a Personal Mission Statement

Grab your worksheet here! Write a personal mission statement aligned to your most important values Design a genuine life and career! Send me the free worksheet! Built with ConvertKit Listen to Yes! You Can Podcast A podcast for high achievers, episode 67

The Secret to Turn your Perfect Day Dream Into Your Actual Tomorrow

My early life, struggling as a single mom I did not plan on becoming a single mom, but there I was. I was in the Navy, 26 years old, a Second-Class Petty Officer and Adalida was 18 months old. We were getting by, but nothing was easy.  I dreamed of transforming my life, I dreamed…
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Your Babe Ruth Moment

The story goes like this, in the 5th inning of game three of the 1932 World Series (Yankees vs. Cubs), Ruth pointed to the center-field bleachers during the at-bat. Many say it was a declaration that he would hit a home run to this part of the park. On the next pitch, Ruth did hit a home run…
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