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Write a Personal Mission Statement

Grab your worksheet here! Write a personal mission statement aligned to your most important values Design a genuine life and career! Send me the free worksheet! Built with ConvertKit Listen to Yes! You Can Podcast A podcast for high achievers, episode 67

How to be Brave Enough to Reach Your Goals

Do you have a dream that is SO big that you believe you will never get there? Maybe you’d have to move to a big city to accomplish this goal, and that thought is really scary when you are young and just starting out. What if I told you that you do not have to…
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Other People’s Opinion of YOUR Dream

Have you ever felt a moment of clarity, or heard some inner voice calling out to you, telling you to go in a particular direction in life? I know this happens many times and with varying levels of intensity across life. It could be related to love, family, creativity, or it could be something bigger,…
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Genuine Driven Women Podcast: Episode 1

Show Notes for Episode #1 How YOU can find YOUR purpose Welcome to the “Genuine Driven Women” podcast, the show where we guide women to reveal their strengths so they believe and can achieve their desired greatness!  This isEpisode #1and I am Tami along with my Co-Host, Adalida.  Today we are going tell you our…
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From Shy to Fly (Part 1)

I would like to tell you more about where I came from and why I know I can help you become the best you that you can be.  I could start with who I am today, which is a Program Manager, (or a Project Manager), leading a very large team with a Billion-dollar budget (phased…
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5 Ways to Find Your Purpose

I do believe we all have a purpose.  Some believe they were born with their purpose, some discover their purpose along the way, and for most, their purpose changes across the seasons of life.  It is becoming more common for a person in today’s world to value purposeful work over financial gain.  If you steer…
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