Rocking Confidence!

You know the look:  That woman walking down the street, her head held high, slight smile, shoulders back, her steps flowing in long strides.  She exudes confidence, everything about her says she is about to take on the entire world, and one look at her says there is no doubt that she will.  What is at the root of the aura she effortlessly carries?

Is is her wardrobe, her hairstyle, something to do with her makeup?  No…  I used to tell my daughter this when she was in high school, “Wear anything you want, but if you decide to wear it, you had better rock it!”  Then I would show her examples of what I meant.  We would attend her sports award banquets, and most of the young ladies were wearing dresses with very short skirts.  They were all athletic girls, so they did look beautiful by sociatal standards, yet they also looked very insecure and rather awkward most of the time.  When they were called up to get their awards, they stood in front of the crowd of peers and parents while they tugged at the back of their skirts.  Some of them even kept one hand back there, holding down their skirt.  Why did they wear this outfit if they were going to feel to afraid to stand up straight in a moment that should have been a celebration of a great milestone or achievement?

Maybe it is the knowledge and intelligence the woman has gained, that is giving her the rocking pep in her step.  I am sure this is helpful, but how many genius level women do you know who doubt their knowledge and are afraid to let the world know how truly gifted they are?  I see them everyday.  I have been that shy, intelligent girl.  Why doesn’t she speak up when she knows she is right?  Often she does think, “maybe my calculations are wrong, maybe I don’t remember the answer.”  She thinks this even though she KNOWS she is right.  She is worried that someone will hear her say one wrong answer and never let her be the genius she actually is.

I do think the secret to true confidence is that moment when you realize that the only thing you need to do is be yourself, truly and purely yourself.  That your magic, your sparkle, your gift, your light comes from being who you really are.  When you stop trying to hide behind peer pressure or trying to be someone you are not.  If you have curly hair, let it go!  Do you smile too much? There is no such thing.  Why wear the short skirts all your friends are wearing if you can’t stand up straight?  You know when you are at your best, what foods make you feel great, your best part of the day, and you know if the people around you are trying to change you against your will.  Do not become something you are not to make a person you don’t really like or don’t really care about like you back.  First of all, it does not work.  Most importantly, though, if you know you are on this world for a purpose, and you feel like others want you to change in a way that goes against that purpose, you will only make yourself less sure of who you are.  You KNOW why you are on this earth, you have felt it since you were young child.  Let your doubts go and become everything you were meant to be!  Only then will you become your authentic self.  When you walk on this earth as your authentic self, as the woman we all see inside you, you will exude confidence like never before!