Looking for a Place to Shine

All my life, I have been “looking for a place to shine,” and I think I have found it.  Yes, this blog is part of that, but my place to “shine” is so much more.  I have found that I can shine at work, at home, and generally, anyplace that I go.  That is what I want for you!  Throughout my experiences, I have seen far too many people who are not aware of how amazing they are, they do not see their light.  I see it, and so does everyone else, all you need to do is believe!  I am going to use this blog (and where ever it may go in the future) to help other young ladies and women find the treasure they have inside.  I am going to show you how to shine!  It is not always going to be easy, but TRUST ME, it will be worth it!

The title of this article was inspired by a song from the hit TV show, “Nashville,” named “Looking for a Place to Shine.”  You can see Clare Bowen, who portrays the character Scarlett O’Conner perform it here:

The lyrics for this song are an anthem for all of us. “Come join in my parade!”

Looking for a Place to Shine (Lyrics):

I jumped in, looking to make a wave.
I was working what the good Lord gave.
Baby, here I go, you’ll be praying for land while I’m rockin the boat.
I’m movin’, come join in my parade!
I’ve been waiting for the rhythm to change, and the time has come.
You turn on the flames and turn up the sun.
Like fireworks, shooting through the sky.
I wanna color the dark with the light.
Like a diamond sitting on a ring, well I’m just a girl that wants to be seen.
Every time, I’m looking for a place to shine.
So take ten, if I’m a little too much to take.
You’re gonna let a good time go to waste.
So baby, get in line, cause it’s better to play than to sit on the side.
I was thinking of busting through the door, leaving everybody begging for more
And you know it’s true, when you’re a girl like me you got nothing to lose.
Like fireworks, shooting to the sky, well I wanna color the dark with the light.
Like a diamond, sitting on a ring, I’m just a girl that wants to be seen.
Every time, Looking for a place to shine…


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